Blast from the Past!

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Heh, it'll be interesting to see who reads this journal anymore =)

The only major update with me is that I gave birth to a 7 pound baby girl in December. After over a decade of trying to come to terms with not being able to have children at all, I unexpectedly found myself pregnant. Sometimes, it still doesn't seem real.

Anyways, comment and let me know how you've been =)


My Hermit Life

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Holy tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick, it's been a really long time.

What can I say?

Most days, I dream of semi-solitude and smaller and smaller quarters. The Husband is the only thing that's keeping me from using my closet as "my bedroom" and using the rest of my bedroom as a small parlour.

As much as I really wanted to work in the Healthcare industry, in and around surgery, I realized that it was the wrong job for me. Right subject matter, wrong responsibilities. It was painful facing up to the fact that I messed up and extract myself from the situation. I loved the people and leaving them made me feel like I'd kicked a puppy. But I've been back in Software and have been at this current job for over a year now.

userinfoThe Husband Guy has been living the life of an indie app developer. At least one of us should love what they do... =)

Penny Arcade Expo is no longer our Set-In-Stone annual vacation anymore. Ever since the tickets were sold out within the first 45 minutes. We had entertained the thought of going to Boston for PAX East, but that's a bigger commitment for us.

The Hobby of the Year 2012 was Nail Art. Here's my album of Nail Art Experiments. =)

The Hobby of the Year 2013 is Fountain Pens. I have discovered my inner Parker 51 nut. My fountain pen collection photos are a bit outdated. I didn't have my TWSBI Diamond 580 when I took those photos and I have a few more now. Along with the Hobby of the Year is stationery because you can't really get into Fountain Pens without getting into notebooks with quality paper and fountain pen ink. I'm trying to control myself with the inks. But I have a feeling once I start trying inks, there'd be no turning back.

I played a bit of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Then cancelled my subscription when I got to level 90. I might re-subscribe to see the next expansion. But I've been more and more casual, to the point of not really playing for weeks. I still like the books and I want to follow the lore though. I haven't gotten into any other game.

I still always have a book or two going. I still use my Kindle for bedtime reading (Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde). And I love having an audiobook for my twice daily bus trips to and from work (two thirds of the way through A Dance With Dragons). I'm now finding it a little embarrassing that I had no idea who grrm was when I started commenting in his LJ way back. He popped up on my FriendsFriends and, thinking nothing of it, I'd reply thinking someone on my friends list actually knew him. I didn't make the connection until quite recently. =\


Latest Nail Art

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I think I understand why I like nail art so much. I'm a Business Analyst by day, so I'm all about the left brain - the logical, the patterns, the analytical, the math. Arts and crafts let the left brain rest a bit and let the right brain drive.

I'm not that good at it. I can only do easy designs and ones that are tolerant of mistakes and non-dominant hand craziness.

Here are my latest ones. Click for a bigger pic.


Kindle 3

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Three weeks ago, after six years at the now Ex-Work, I started a new job. Previously, at Ex-Work, the mission-critical thing was dealing with other peoples' money. With the current Work, my new mission-critical thing is dealing with other peoples' lives.

It really puts life in a whole new perspective.

But Work now involves a significantly longer commute. I have a half hour bus ride and then a 35-40 minute skytrain ride. Kinda brutal compared to the half hour bus ride previously. But I've been making the most of the time reading and listening to books.

I have a Kindle Keyboard (which used to be called the Kindle 3). I named it Pantalaimon because that's exactly what it is to me. It's my Pantalaimon. Almost right down to the kind of sick feeling when it's not with me. I'd left it at home one day and my stomach actually felt a bit knotted/queasy. =)

I have more books than I've ever owned in my life. I love finding and collecting books almost as much as I love reading. The Kindle is great for leisure reading, but terrible for reference type documentation. And terrible for reading PDFs.

I also find it's not ideal for audiobooks in every situation. It's okay for audiobooks in some ways, but awful in other ways. Audiobook tracks come in variable lengths. Some have a lot of 2-3 minute tracks and I have to manually advance to every track. This is done by going back to the menu, navigating one down, opening it and hitting play. So much Nope.

Some have hour-long or even longer tracks. These ones are less of a pain to advance through, but if I pause in the middle, the Kindle loses its place within the track if the screensaver kicks in and it will pop itself back to the beginning of the track you were in the middle of. And you can't quickly skip to a certain time in the track. There is an Advance button, but advances by 30 seconds per button click. Which is some kind of not-wonderful for an hour long track.

I also tend to read/listen before bed and fall asleep. It's even more not-wonderful to fall asleep somewhere in the middle of an hour long track and not know where. This is when the zillions of tiny tracks works better.

I use a cheap little MP3 player for the skytrain ride now. I got it in 2001, so it's only 500M and VERY bare bones in functionality. But it does exactly what I want it to do. It auto-advances for me and can restart at exactly the place I left off. And I use the Kindle for text reading and stuff I can fall asleep to.


Zzz... Huh? Wha?

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My head tips off one side of my palm where it was resting, precariously balanced with my elbow on the table. And I suddenly jerk awake with the feeling of falling.

I done been nudged.

/smile @ oldron... =) I have absolutely nothing interesting to tell anyone. Oh wait, maybe...

I had a pretty interesting realization a little while ago. I suppose I might share it:

The fashion industry is not about designing clothes for people to wear.

It's about an artist, using fabric, non-fabric, and notions to create art. The medium is something resembling a human body - a walking coat hanger, if you will.

Most of the time, it's not an average human body. Many times, the bodies are actually a bit unnatural or deformed.

It's an artist being creative with their chosen medium. It is NOT about clothes for people. There's really no sense attaching any measurement of "attractiveness" to it.

And all of a sudden, everything makes perfect sense to me. I don't get art. And that's perfectly okay.


Goodbye, Little Guy

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We had userinfoSid cremated this morning at Blueridge-Cove Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, BC. They were wonderful to us.

Sid was in a small paper box and they put the whole box into the furnace. It took an hour and a bit for the process to fully finish. There was no where to sit and it was drizzling, so we left and went back afterwards. His ashes were put in a small plastic bag, tied with gold ribbon and put in a box stuffed with gold tissue, like a Christmas gift. That was really sweet of them. =)

I'd been reading about cremated pet remains. I know that with cats and dogs, you get bits of bone, teeth and sometimes part of the items that go in with the animal (the blanket, collar, etc.). Cockatiels will fully disintegrate, but I wasn't surprised to see chunks of pebbles from the inside of the furnace in there as well. I sifted the remains to filter out the big pieces and put the finer ashes into his little urn. I spread a bit of glue on the stopper and slid it in.

The little urn that I had custom made for Sid is 2.5" high by 2" wide. It's now a pendant on a black velvet cord around my neck. It's smokey grey with orange/yellow flowers and white vines; those were his colours. It only holds about a teaspoon of ashes. There was a lot of the ashes still left over, so the rest of it went into the garden.

I'm glad I sort of had plans for Sid. It did make everything easier.

... goodbye, little guy.


In Loving Memory

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userinfoSid died last night.

Friday morning, userinfothe Husband Guy found him sleeping at the bottom of his cage, which is a bit unusual for him. He's usually on his highest platform in the corner. And his feathers were fluffed out instead of flat against his body.

By the afternoon, Mom was asked to bring him into Night Owl Bird Hospital. As soon as Dr. MacDonald saw him, she pretty well knew. At 0100h Saturday morning, we got a call that he had collapsed.

Dr. MacDonald will be doing an autopsy to try to determine the reason for death, but she thinks he was just too old and weak to handle another bout of kidney, lung, liver, heart or whatever other health issue it is this time around.

I didn't know I could be so crushed.

?? - July 16, 2011


Shatter Nail Polish

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I'm sort of back into the nail art craze.

I'm sure it's So Six Months Ago[tm] by now, but I decided to try the OPI Red Shatter after seeing some strangers on the bus and then a coworker with crackle nails. I couldn't find a good silver one at the spa I went to today, so I just grabbed a regular gold (OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late).

I'm still trying to see if I can figure out how to get it to crackle the way I want it to instead of just leaving it up to chance.

I'm going to get a silver base colour and practice a bit. I have another wedding coming up in December (I think... maybe) and most of my jewellery is silver.

I also want to get a brown or grey shatter polish and put it over my regular shimmery roses/pinks.


Husband's reaction: "It looks like someone gave you a bad manicure and then you fell down the stairs with it."

... ... ... lol XD


What is The Going On?

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Subject: Popsicles in the Freezer. Help yourself.

Dear People In My Office,

I became an Auntie last Tuesday. =)

As outlined in The Cool Auntie Instruction Manual™, the only job I have with the kidlet is, and I quote, "to spoil her rotten, then give her back."

This is such an important job that I felt I needed to practice.

On you guys.

Enjoy. =)

Three things:

  1. Girl. Giant 8½ lbs monkeygirl. =)
  2. Those are the best ice cream popsicles I've ever had.
    • I've seen them in Melon, Mango, Banana and Strawberry. There are supposedly Red Bean and Lime flavoured ones as well, but I don't think I've seen those before.
    • My favorite is the Melon, but everyone else seems to like the Mango best.
    • I saw them at Save-On Foods (Overwaitea) on the weekend.
    • If you eat them standing up, they have no calories. YES, THAT IS _TOO_ HOW IT WORKS, BIGBOSSGUY!!! =D
  3. Work is still a big bucket of crazy. With bigger and bigger buckets every time.

Baby Brother

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My baby brother just accepted a job offer from Research In Motion (yeah, the Crackberry people). =)

I don't yet know what his title is, but his undergrad degree is in Electrical Engineering at Simon Fraser University.

We are so, so, SO proud of him. =D

I swear, last week, he was just learning to walk and still drooling into his big-ass bib.

All of a sudden this week, he has a job with an zomg-awesome starting salary, he's moving out on his own for the first time, all the way across the country, and has ex drama.

*sniff* My baby brother is growing up. =}