The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

It's Friday


It's Friday and it's nice out for once =) The Rememberance Day long weekend is coming up soon. Gotta remember to keep coinage with me so that I can get my poppy soon.

No real plans for the weekend, just some stuff that would be nice to get out of the way.


  • The Funky Monthly Money Dance (mid-day) - depositing different cheques for different things in different banks. We're doing this because Husband Guy is at a different bank than I am. I'm trying to convince him to switch to my bank as well so that we can do the Money Dance all online... it would be so much easier for the times when we suddenly remember at midnight.

  • The Bay Wedding Gift Registry (tonight) - the Bay has this policy that if something was on your gift list and it wasn't purchased for you, there was some special deal they offer you. I don't know the exact terms but there was one thing on our list that we could use. We didn't expect anyone to actually get it, but we wanted the deal. We'll probably use the $300 in Bay gift certificates and then pay the balance ourselves. BTW, I'm not saying what it is on purpose. It's a Christmas thing. I'll have to write about this after Christmas this year.

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