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Career Survey

One of my cousins in New Zealand chose me to be her survey subject for a school assignment. Gah, I can't believe I forgot about The VERY First Job I had... =P

How old were you when you got your first job?


What was your first job?

I was a Local ranked Volleyball Official with the British Columbia Volleyball Association. My Physical Ed. teacher was also an official. She had a Regional ranking and she encouraged a bunch of us to get certified. We'd been run through the basics of scorekeeper and linesman duties so that we could officiate intramural home games.

I was the only one who actually got certified. I completed the training, passed both the written exam and the practicuum. By law, the BCVA had to pay me at least minimum wage ($3.00/hour back then) for refereeing any local highschool-level games and tournaments. I officiated at provincial- and regional-level games/tournaments as a Linesman or Scorekeeper instead of a Referee.

The pay was an added bonus, I didn't do it for the money. Like most of my jobs while I was still in school, I did it as Resume Stuffing =) I met a lot of great people. I learned a lot about professionalism and arbitration.

Here I was, a 15yo, with the power to guide game progression. Knowing the rulebook forwards, backwards and upside-down, interpret and extrapolate what the rules don't mention. Watching for illegal plays, which is a massive effort in and of itself. Yellow- and red-carding stupid coaches. Telling linesmen to pay attention and quit standing around with their fingers up their noses. Training scorekeepers who don't know what they're doing.

What did you do with your first pay cheque?

Started my Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Yes, I was 16 and I was already planning for my retirement. What can I say? I was BORN OLD. =)

How many jobs have you had and what were they?

In chronological order:

Part-time while in school:

Full-time "real" jobs:

Current job: Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Did you go to university?

Yes. I have the beaten-up wallet and sleep deprivation problems to prove it =)

Do you think you're getting paid fairly?

Yes. I'm being paid fairly. I know because I looked up my job description, in my geographical location, at SalaryExpert.Com and the salary range they have listed is (Canadian dollars)$45,000 - $50,000. My salary is at the higher end of that range.

How has technology changed your job?

Technology is my job. =)

Did you have to relocate because of your job?

No, but I had to think hard about it though. I had a job offer in LA and another in Denver, Colorado.

How does your gender affect your job?

It doesn't affect my job at all.

Which job did you enjoy the most?

I enjoy my current position the most. Software quality has become more and more important to me over the years. My current job allows me to put my strength behind my attitudes on top quality software. I never feel like I'm weird or different for doing the right thing because everyone else is doing the right thing as well. I also enjoy the challenge of problem solving. I have quit previous jobs because I didn't have enough work to do, or it didn't challenge me.

How many hours a week did you work with your favourite job?

I work at least 50 hours a week (approx. 9am-7pm daily and sometimes I work weekends if there's a deadline). The job that I worked the most hours/week was at around 70-80 hours/week - that was not my favorite job ={

Which job did you least enjoy?

I hated the Systems Analyst job at The.Dot.Bomb. I was overpaid and underworked. Seriously. I was paid way too much for what I was doing. The work wasn't very challenging. The company was quickly becoming a failure. I left before they declared bankrupcy.

What age did you or do you plan on retiring?

I really don't know. The Canadian government says that my retirement age is 65, but that seems awfully early to be retiring. I probably will never "officially retire", but I may do software contract consulting work. This way, I can take on a 3-month or 6-month, maybe even a one-year contract. After the contract is done, I can take a few months off, then take another contract.

What is/was your dream career and have you fulfilled it?

I guess you could say that Software Development is my "dream career" right now and I'm well on my way in the right direction.

My "dream career" has changed several times. Before highschool, my dream career was to be a Civil Engineer. Then in early highschool, I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer. Then by the end of highschool, I wanted to be an Accountant, and work up to a Director of Finance position at a large corporation (like Motorola). Then once I got to University, I found that I hated Economics enough that Finance was kinda out of the question. Then I "re-discovered" my technical strengths and went into Computer Science...

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