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For my hair, I get the best deal or whatever's on sale and I hop around from brand to brand. I heard that by switching around all the time, the different shampoos will clean the gunk that's been building up from the previous shampoo, but it will also leave behind its own gunk.

a) Shampoo - Australian Naturals (Papaya). I've previously used: Herbal Essence, Head & Shoulders, Pantene Ultra, Willow Lake, Soapberry Shop Cherry Bark Shampoo (this was recommended to me by the Soapberry Shop staff because my hair used to tangle up really badly. Cherry bark and banana extracts have _really_ helped). I tend to use either all-in-ones or only shampoos that can be used on their own without the conditioner.

b) Conditioner - The only time I've ever bothered with a conditioner is with the banana extract conditioner with cherry bark shampoo when my hair was being really nasty.

c) All-in-one - Timotei, Pert Plus, Pantene Ultra (I can't find this anymore, Pantene has all sorts of different products now), Vidal Sassoon 3-in-1 (don't see this anymore either).

d) Styling products - I don't style my hair... =)

e) Hair dryer - When I have chin to shoulder length hair, I have a dryer that's in the form of a brush (kinda like half of a straightener) that I just drag through my hair so that the end faces inwards like a bob is supposed to.

f) Hairdresser (name city) - None. My MIL cuts hair for everyone in the family that's not too fussy about hair. I would be included in the "Not Too Fussy" group. I am not paying $45.00 for a stupid hair cut, I don't care HOW the hairdressing industry justifies it (some BS about giving ladies advice on their hair, makeup and wardrobe along with the cut =P). A half-inch trim off of an all-one-length ex-bob cut shouldn't cost me more than $5.00.

g) Hair coloring - I'm not really into colouring right now. I got brown highlights done once in 1996, by a hairdresser lady that Husband Guy's family always goes to. But that's all the colouring I've ever done. Although, I'm thinking that colouring will be an issue for me in a very short time. I take after my Dad, we got grey hair very young. I had my first grey hair when I was _9_yo_. I pull them all out as I see them, but there's no doubt that I'm losing pigment cells. *sigh*


a) Facial wash - Biore Blemish Fighting Cleanser... it cleans, but I can't really tell if it's helping with the blemishes (I've been good about eating non-acne promoting food and that, in itself, will help with the blemishes). I've also used Market America's Skintelligence Cleanser, Green Tea Antioxident Facial Cleanser (waay too drying on me), Cetaphil, Clearasil Medicated Cleanser (this irritates my skin quite a bit).

b) Facial mask - I used to have two unknown brand masks from the beautician I went to for two months straight before my wedding. One was a peppermint clay mask and the other was a white clay mask. They worked really well, but were ferociously expensive ($20 for a 50mL tub). I don't use a mask anymore.

c) Facial scrub - St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I've also used half a teaspoon of sugar with a plain cream cleanser - that works really well too, but the sugar dissolves and disappears very quickly =P The Mary Kay scrub is also very good, it's $20 for a tube.

d) toner/ freshener - Herbal Essence Alcohol Free Toner. I also use the Skintelligence pH Balancer.

e) facial mosturizer (spf/ non spf) - VitaShield C&E Moisturizer. I _thought_ it had a low-ish SPF factor in it too, but it doesn't say on the product page... I also used to use the Biore moisturizer. The thing that these two have in common is that they don't have a greasy look or feel to it. That's important to me. They just _disappear_ after I put it on =)

f) Eye treatment - Oil of Olay Age Defying Refitalizing Eye Gel.

g) Acne treatment - None.

h) Eye-makeup Remover - Lancôme Bi-Facil Waterproof Eye Lip Makeup Remover. My MIL gave this to me because it was a part of a gift promotion that Lancôme was doing and she didn't need it. You shake it to "mix" the two layers =) I usually get L'Oreal Plentitude Eye Makeup Remover for myself. They both work well.

i) Other - I have co-dependency issues with Biore Nose Strips.


a) Soap or Body Wash - Oil of Olay Moisturizing Body Wash.

b) Body Scrub - Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub.

c) Razors - Gillette for Women SensorExcel. I don't use it much at all.

d) Shaving Gel/Cream - Skintimate Shaving Gel. I haven't shaved in a looong time though.

e) Body Mosturizer/Lotion - None.

f) Foot Scrub - None.

g) Nail Polish Remover - It's a no-name brand I get from Taiwan. It's a small bottle with a hollowed out cylindrical sponge. You stick your finger in the middle and twirl. It works better than anything else I've ever used. There's very little wasted and if the liquid gets too mucky, you can dump it out and put in your own remover. They're cheap enough that you can just get another one though =)

h) Toothpaste - Crest Tartar Protection

Beauty (Make-up)

a) Foundation - Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup (I only wear this on really special occasions, special enough for me to bother with that much gunk caked onto my face).

b) Powder - None.

c) Concealer - The One-Step kinda acts like a concealer for me...

d) Eye Shadow - Oil of Olay Eyeshadows. I have three duo shadows, I only use the darker of the two in the duo (Brazil Brown, Deep Plum and Arielle Blue).

e) Mascara - L'Oreal Lash Out Mascara. Non-waterproof and it MUST be a teddybear brush. It clumps too badly for me if it's not a teddybear brush.

f) Eye Liner - L'Oreal Pencil Perfect automatic eyeliner. I usually get Ebony (black), but I use Cocoa (dark brown) sometimes. I used to have the Navy and Sage (dark olive green) too and I would keep those around for variety, but they're $10 each in Canada, so I only have the all-purpose black one.

g) Brow Make-Up (liner or shadow) - I don't do brow makeup... the only thing I do, sometimes, is I use my mascara on my brows very lightly to darken and thicken them.

h) Blush - CoverGirl Cheekers Soft Sable... it's quite a bit more red than what the website shows it to be.

i) Lipstick - Revlon MoistureStay Lipcolour. I couldn't find the MoistureStay collection at the Revlon website. It looks like the ColourStay series (long, slender sticks), but mine has a all gold case that looks really spiffy to bring out at formal parties. =) I have "Sienna" (dark red/brown which I wear more often) and "Berry" (dark red with a hint of purple/plum).

j) Lipliner - I don't wear lipliner. It makes my lips look comically thick.

k) Lipgloss - I don't wear lipgloss. I always use a thin layer of Vaseline under my lipstick, but nothing else...

l) Nail Polish - Whatever brand has a colour I want =) Quick drying is a bonus =)

m) Makeup Brushes - I've had various brushes, but I don't really have a need for them.

n) Perfume - I collect miniature perfume bottles, I've always bought perfumes for the bottle =) I like light sweet floral scents. I don't like musky, heavy ones. Davidoff Cool Water Woman is the one I wear the most and even that's only once or twice a year. I used to wear Ici (a little sweeter than Cool Water) before I got Cool Water. Now, Ici is too sickly sweet for me. A guy friend gave me a small bottle of Tommy Girl that I've used a few times. I LOVE the Thierry Mugler's Angel star bottle, but I'm not too crazy about the chocolate and patchouli smell. =P I have a miniature Bijan, but I wear this less often than anything else (which is SUPER rare) because it's a bit musky. I have miniatures of Versace Pink Jeans, Versace Red Jeans, Rocco Baracco, Jean-Paul Gaultier, but they're on display, not for use =)

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