The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Guai-Guai, The Cockatiel


The cockatiel is slowly becoming less afraid of us, now that we hand feed him =) We used to stick our hand in the cage door, Guai-Guai would put one foot on the feeding hand and hang on to the cage with the other. Then he'd put both feet on the hand.

Recently, we've taken to bringing him out of the cage while he's eating. =) We've gotten him to step onto this wooden rod stand and step back onto our hand on demand. He doesn't like standing on my outstretched finger. My MIL says it's because my fingers are so small that it's hard for him to clasp. He much prefers to stand on the padded base of my thumb.

Today, MIL Woman was taking him around the house a bit. She says that he was nervous, clasping his claws on her really tightly. Then she put him in front of a mirror. They were laughing as he was trying to figure out who that other bird was that "keeps copying him" and pecked at the mirror a bit.

Brain the size of a pea. =)

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