The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Tip Rant

Okay, I really need to stay awake, so I'm going to rant about tipping at restaurants. I realize that I have a way different, and probably offensive, opinion than most on this, so ignore as you please...

I want to know whose DUMB ASS idea was it to tip hospitality staff. So I can throttle this person myself. And I swear I'll right hook the next person who says to me, "We had really bad service, the waitress spilled stuff and spat on us. That was the first time we left less than a 25% tip."

I have no time for people who don't understand that that is reinforcing bad behaviour.

Wait staff typically don't make a lot of money in wages.

And WHY is this my problem?

This is an issue between the wait staff and the restaurant owner. The staff's wages are a business expense. Your business Net Income is your Revenues (price of menu items available) minus expenses (among which includes staff wages). The cost of the food includes all staff wages, all maintenance fees and all service charges. If it doesn't, then it's still not my problem. Put it on my tab and label it as "Service Charge" if you need to cover extra things for a large party. But don't make me pay what's not there!

How much someone else makes is not my problem. If you're not happy with your sucky job, then find employment elsewhere or go do something else. It's still not my problem.

It's called a "gratuity".

I've never understood or accepted this argument. Whatever you decide to call it, it's still a dumb idea.

Tip them so that when you go back, they won't spit in your food.

Why can't anyone else see how incredibly wrong tipping is? Service is a part of their job. Why the hell should someone be paid extra for doing their job? I work hard at my job and I get bonuses and/or profit-sharing. But that's between me and my employer. I DO NOT ask the client to pay me extra individually.


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