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Guai-Guai's Claws


Last night, I decided that I didn't want to get my hands hacked up whenever I take Guai-Guai out of his cage to play. Every time I take him out, my hands look like they've been attacked repeatedly by a psychotic pygmy troll in a beserker rage. He doesn't do it on purpose, he just walks around. My skin is just extra sensitive to claw scratches.

I decided to clip his claws.

I saw some pet show a long time ago that showed how to trim cats' and dogs' claws and I could see where the nerve/blood pocket in his nail was. It was a huge patience game. It took me 20 minutes to half an hour to do one toe.

I did the first few with him standing on my finger. I had to edge just the very tip in between the clippers. The first one was really easy because he had no clue what was going on. He was startled by the loud *POIK* sound followed by his toe feeling really weird all of a sudden =) He investigated the strange feeling in his toe, licked it a bit but he was okay with it.

The second one went the same way. *POIK* *startled flapping* *investigate toe*

Guai-Guai started paying very close attention to what I was doing to his toes after that. =) He stared intently at The Suspicious Clippers and didn't like them touching his feet.

Every time they touched his feet, Guai-Guai's reflex was to adjust his step to get away from them. He would open up all four toes and grasp again. One out of these bazillion re-grasps would make the claw land between the clippers RIGHT WHERE I WANT IT, not too deep that I'll cut his nerve/blood pocket. And when I saw the right moment, I clipped quickly.

After a while, I put him on his dowel stand and clipped him that way. Only now, he'd fly off his dowel stand after he got the *POIK*. He was good about coming back onto my hand though, I guess because The Evil House is a bigger unkown than The Bride That's Doing Something To Me That I Don't Think I Like But Doesn't Really Hurt.



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Nov. 26th, 2001 05:17 pm (UTC)
What if, instead, you put some fine sandpaper around a largish perch so that his claws would get dulled down rather than clipped?

Sounds a little bit easier than trimming cats claws... With Sweetie, I have to stick her on my lap, hold her down, listen to her yowl, and pull her leg out, distend the claws and clipclipclip. She does NOT appreciate that.

Elroy handled it better than she does but he's now declawed. (he also is very indiscriminate about what he claws on too, while she just goes for the scratching pads)
Nov. 26th, 2001 05:21 pm (UTC)
I'd thought of that too, but looking at how his feet make contact with whatever he's standing on, I don't see how to do it so that he only dulls down his claws and not sand his toes too.
Nov. 26th, 2001 05:46 pm (UTC)
I used to grab Maggie, throw her on the ground, and lie across her belly to keep her down. With one hand I would hold the paw to be clipped, and keep her head pin with my elbow from my other arm that was also holding the clippers. She didn’t really put up too much fuss about being groomed, but would take advantage of any opening to be naughty. She loved to be brushed was would sit on the floor and look like a princesses. Ear cleaning was the ex-GF’s job and Maggie was pretty good about that too. She had to be coaxed over for it, but she would slowly shuffle over and lay down on my former GF’s lap. When we were done grooming Maggie would spring up and shake her head. Then immediately find a toy, because she figured we owed her some playtime after being treated to horribly.

Having never owned a bird (or swanky leather couch), I have no practical advice on bird grooming. I think you’re supposed to bake at 425 degrees, one half hour for every pound or until golden drown, and baste with the drippings every 20 minutes. Other than that, it’s kind of fuzzy.
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