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Valent-- Oh Whatever...

For the record, W and I have never really celebrated Valentine's. I don't know why, we just kept missing it every year, so we just don't bother anymore. Besides, do I really want to be celebrating something with the same initials as "Venereal Disease"?

This year, we have an appointment to see Simon, our Financial Advisor, to shuffle our RRSP stuff around.

I'm positive I had something to do Thursday night, but I can't remember what it is... =P

Anyway, I've asked for limo quotes... it should be around $65/hour. We're thinking of borrowing the grey Mercedes-Benz that Grandpa sold to his buddy, Grandpa Chen. It would be free, but it would mean borrowing Michael (Grandpa Chen's grandson) to drive it (which I don't think is a problem).

W wasn't too sure because we're not all that close to the Chen family... the other alternative was to rent a Benz for that day. It would be less expensive than limos.

We're going to see Bailey, the videographer, Friday evening.

This weekend might be taken up looking at Benz rental places, car decorating things, wedding favour materials, putting down the deposit for Johnny and Bailey, checking out hair/makeup places.


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