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Guai-Guai Update


Our vet appointment is at 1:00pm. We found a pet hospital close to our place (King Edward & Oak). It's $35.00 for the initial examination and probably an, as of yet, undetermined small fortune for whatever procedure, drugs and materials.

*garumph* And they were going to use the sand straight from the beach without even rinsing it.

[Update - 1745h]

He has mites. We brought two of them that fell out of Guai-Guai last night. Dr. Dhillon said they were pretty common mites that turn up on small domestic pets like birds and guinea pigs.

But we're armed with Ivomec now. He got a 0.2cc dose at the Animal Hospital we took him to. Ivomec is mostly ingested, but can be used as a topical as well. So, in 10 days, we're supposed to squish another 0.2cc into his mouth, then rub a little of what's left on his head and under his wings. The cost wasn't too bad either. Our total came to just under $50.

<sarcasm> Oh boy, Guai-Guai was incredibly happy about having his head held and someone rifling through his tummy and wings for creepy-crawlies.</sarcasm> He doesn't like it when we pet him on the wings or touch his tail to begin with, he was really pissed off at today's abuse.

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEERK* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERK* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *squeeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *eeeeeeeeeeeerwk* *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEERK* *squeeeeeeeeeeeerwk* The whole time Dr. Dhillon was checking him out. Poor sweetie.

*sigh* And we'll have to do this next week. At least now we know how to hold him to medicate him or clip nails or what-not.

We bought him a new bird cage with a few toys from Petcetera. It's about double the size of the cage he has now, it has a poopie tray that's separated from the rest of the cage, so he can't walk all over his own poop. We're not going to need the sand anymore.

The cage comes with two tree branch perches and a little "playground" area on top of the cage. We got him a little wooden ladder and a rope swing as well.

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