The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

The Survey to End All Surveys

Stolen from ironroot

I have: way too little time to do anything.

I see: my messy desk. *sigh* I just cleaned it.

I hate: stupid people.

I miss: [ ]

I wonder: if I'll have as much trouble conceiving as my parents did...

I want: a raise. *smirk*

I regret: wasting so much time doing my Bachelor's degree.

I need: a raise. *smirk*

I wish: stupid people would leave me alone when I tell them to.

I fear: being a useless turnip at work.

I hear: computers humming.

I love: my husband.

I smell: my strawberry tea.

I crave: brussel sprouts.

I feel: [ ]

When was the last time you...

Talked to an ex: never. I've never had an ex.

Kissed someone: 5 minutes ago. I kissed Husband Guy.

Were sarcastic: 5.5 minutes ago. Made fun of something Husband Guy said. =P

Laughed: still laughing. =)

Cried: a week or two ago, at the hospital when Husband Guy's Grandma started saying how she didn't know how much longer she'd live.

Had a nightmare: a week ago - The X-Files Nightmare

Danced: two years ago. I took ballroom dance lessons with Husband Guy. We were supposed to go with Boss Friend and his new girlfriend, Julie, at the time. She turned Jekyll&Hyde and they split just before Christmas...

Smiled: 5 seconds ago.

Bought something: drugs/vet fee for Guai-Guai and his mites. =P

Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Last song you heard: Shakira - Whenever, Wherever

Last movie you saw: Monsters Inc.

Last thing you had to drink: plum juice.

Last time you showered: last night.

Last thing you ate: pork liver from hot pot.

Do you...

Smoke: no. I have Asthma (typical Geek ailment).

Do drugs: no. I only drink one cup of coffee on weekday mornings. I tried marijuana once, it just made me dizzy for an hour. I could simulate a high by putting a baseball bat on the ground, putting my forehead on the end of the bat and running around the bat 20 times, then trying to walk away.

Live in the moment: only in emergencies, otherwise I try to prepare for the future as much as possible (much to the annoyance of Husband Guy who can't think beyond the end of the week).

Sleep with stuffed animals: not really, unless Husband Guy counts as a stuffed animal.

Have sex: yes.

Play an instrument: I used to play violin.

Had a dream that keeps coming back: yes, but I can't remember what it is right now...

Believe there is life on other planets: not sure. Intuitively, I guess there could be, but advanced Probability concepts are not always intuitive (hell, some elementary Probability concepts are totally counter-intuitive).

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: within one life, yes.

Consider yourself tolerant of others: Within reason, I think I am tolerant of others. I'm becoming less and less tolerant of stupidity.

Remember your first love: I married him. =)

Have any straight friends: Most of my friends are straight. Some gay, some lesbian and one cross-dresser (she's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met).

Read the newspaper: yes.

Still love your first love: yes. I still love my husband after 10 years.

Believe in miracles: yes, but I don't depend on them.

Have a favorite candy: White Rabbit Candy. Before I turned 3, we lived in Guangzhou, China. My cousin Frederick had gone blind some time before I was born. He and I had a _very_special_ friendship. When it was first explained to me that "Frederick can't see, so be careful or he'll bump into you", in my 2 year old logic, I thought if I put my foot where he's stepping, he'll step on me and he'll know where I am... =} He adored me and whenever he was given White Rabbit candy, he kept it in his pocket. Sometimes, it would be half-melted by the time he gave it to me.

Wish on stars: no.

Believe in God: no... because if God really does exist, he must be a complete moron.

Believe in magic: "magic", no. "Magick", yes.

Believe in astrology: no.

Like the taste of alcohol: only Bailey's.

Hate yourself: sometimes.

Talk to strangers who IM you: no.

Have any bad habits: too many to list.

Like your handwriting: yes, but it's too slow to write stuff out. 99% of everything I need, I can type it.

Collect anything: sorta. I've tried collecting stuff, but it gets way too expensive.

Have a secret crush: I had a secret crush.

Have any piercings: ears.

Have any tattoos: no. I was thinking about having a baby dragon ripper though.

Go to synagogue: no.

Have any pets: one cockatiel, Guai-Guai.

Wear hats: no.

Pray: in a manner of speaking, yes. Praying, casting circle, chanting, reciting... whatever you want to call it.

Believe in ghosts: not at the moment, but the jury's still out on this one.

Care about looks: somewhat. Not obsessively, but yes, I do want to look better.

Believe in Satan: no... because if Satan really does exist, he must be a complete a moron.

Believe in witches: yes. I have Wiccan and Pagan friends. I'm not Pagan/Wiccan myself though.

Have a best friend: yes. Husband Guy is my best friend.

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