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Crunch Time

[weather|miserably dark and rainy]
[mood|tired but functioning]

My project goes Gold next week. So, I expect to be buried under a pile of electrons and picking them off individually so that I look presentable at the company Year End party this Saturday.

Yesterday, I spent half the day proving that the source code built a different library than the one the Dev Crew had pre-built and checked into the repository. LOOK PEOPLE!! If I wipe the whole project clean off my harddrive, grab the latest source from the repository, build it in Release Mode and the software behaves differently, then you have an unreproduceable library checked in to the repository. Running it on your machine doesn't count because your machine is not a proper test environment. I even went so far as to prove that the byte comparisons were different. We're not registering DLLs, so that's not a problem - that was the first thing I thought of...

In the end, it was a wacky assert(). They were summoning a monster inside an assert() and then leading that monster into battle. The problem is, in Release Mode, the assert() gets stripped by the pre-compiler. SO THE MONSTER IS NEVER SUMMONED BEFORE WE LEAD IT INTO BATTLE. Fat lotta good an empty leash is going to do you in battle... I'm amazed that got by the Code Review though... =P

*huff* I'm okay. The purpetrating Wizard (he's either a Squib or an Ickle Firstie) is kicking his own ass in the corner. I never have to kick anyone's ass. I just show them stuff and they kick their own asses. I love my job. =)

What else did I do yesterday? I helped my co-worker, Darryl, jump start his car in the pouring rain. He started asking me what kind of battery I had, yaddayadda. I blinked and said, "um... I have a car... I step on the black flappie thingie, I go from Point A to Point B and it works...". =)

I opened Champagne's hood all by myself!! I'd never done that by myself before. I know it's simple enough, but I could never find the latch. Whoever is with me, usually ends up going, "MOVE!!!" and does it for me =D

Husband Guy had to pick up his CompTic (monthly Japanese gaming magazine) at Yaohan (Japanese mall), so I tottered around the Osaka Supermarket. Bad, bad idea. I now have an armload of various Hello Kitty candy/marshmallows that I bought just for the containers. =)

Okay, I'm going to burrow back under my pile of electrons now... =P


Dec. 6th, 2001 06:02 pm (UTC)
Okay, lets keep it simple. There are 2 things you must do all the time. Have your oil changed every 3,000 miles (~ 4,800 kilometers). You can stretch it to 5,000 (8,100 km)... but no further. This is the single best thing you can do for your car. Also get a tire gauge and check the air pressure in your tires (including your spare tire) when you have your oil checked. IF you do nothing else... do those 2 things.

They must be checking your tire's tread when you take your car in annually. You're supposed to have them rotated several times a year. I don't. What they charge to have it done several times a year, it's just as cost effective to just buy new tires. However, if it’s included as part of your annual service, bonus! I'm also confident they're checking your brake pads annually, but it would hurt to ask them. You're also "supposed" to get a radiator flush ever 30K miles (48K km), but I don't generally worry about that either. However, you should have your coolant level checked whenever your oil is changed. Wouldn't hurt to look at the level of your brake fluid either. These are done visually. The reservoirs for these fluids is semi-transparent and in plain sight. You shouldn't be charged for them checking. If a mechanic gouges you for that kind of service, find another garage.

Yes, get jumper cables and a bag of kitty litter to keep in your trunk. The purpose of the cables is obvious. The kitty litter is in case you get stuck in the snow. If you get a lot of snow in your area, you should also keep a small shovel or entrenching tool in your trunk. In winter, I also like to keep a pair of leather gloves in the car, in the event I have to change a tire. Otherwise, the skin on your hands will freeze to metal. Also I like to keep a wool hat in the event I’m really stuck and have a long wait. It’s not conventional to keep a flashlight in the car, as the cold kills the batteries.

Check to make sure you have a jack. I suspect it's mounted on the RIGHT wall of your trunk. You might have to pull some carpeting out of the way to find it, and they tend to "blend" in really well. They’re usually clipped to the wall. You'll also need the lever or handle to jack/winch up the jack. If it’s not with the jack, it might be in the spare tire well. Most jacks today have a threaded rod that corkscrews to lift the car, as opposed to the old time model that actually jacked up. You should know where it is, because if you haven't found it before... you'll never find it at 2:00am in the pitch black of night when you need it. However, do not attempt to change a tire if you’ve never been shown how. The jack must be positioned at the correct point under your car’s chassis. Don’t jack your car up if you’re at a steep incline or in soft dirt/mud. And there are some simple, but necessary techniques, for tightening the bolts on your wheels. You don’t want to cross thread them or torque the bolt so much that it sheers off your wheel drum. Furthermore, you don’t want the wheel to fly off the car while driving, after you’ve changed a tire either. Changing a tire is fairly simple (but a huge pain in the ass), but is something you should be shown before doing it on your own. However, you should make sure you have a spare tire (in good repair), ant the jack & handle. I’ve stopped to help people change tires before, and after getting the spare on, we found out it was flat too. You need to check your spare tire’s air pressure just as frequently as your other tires. If you have one of those small donut tires as a spare (and I’m sure you do), then remember not to drive faster than 35 mph. It’s only meant to get you to a service station to have your other tire repaired or changed. My sister once commuted for hundreds of miles on one, doing 65 mph on the highway. She had a blowout and almost got killed. Remember the donut spare is just a quick temporary fix.

That’s the basics


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