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To Do:

<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... > Panic
<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... > Madly run around
<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... > Cry

<input ... > Wedding Cookies

They don't have an English term for these. There are lots of different kinds with different things in them. They told me to just have my friend explain that they're picking up "Wedding Cookies" and they'll take it from there.

<input ... > Photography

I drove over to Chinatown, handed the form and the deposit to Johnny

<input ... > Birk's @ Oakridge

Uncle Wallace and Aunt May gave me a diamond pendant as a wedding gift. It's set on white gold as well and it goes really well with my engagement ring. Anyway, when I brought it through Canada Customs, the Customs lady told me to get it appraised in town to prove that it's already been imported. We can do this Thursday night because the mall is open until 9pm.

<input ... > Flowers

Bernice is making my bouquet, Bowen and Mabel's bouquets and Michelle's basket. We couldn't find the right kinds of flowers in the right colours for the corsages and boutennieres. I'm going to call Ivy and Raymond to see if they do silk flower corsage/boutonniere, possibly decoration arrangements (pew bows, bigger flower arrangements). If it's not too bad, I may just buy them to save the hassle.

<input ... > Makeup & Hair

I have a list of makeup and hair places from the Chinese Business Listing. I need someone who understands Chinese skin tones and understands my style.

<input ... > Transportation

Grandpa doesn't want us to borrow Grandpa Chen's Benz. That's fine, Will wasn't too keen on the idea either. So, our options are:

  • renting a Benz or two for that day. The advantage of this is that it's less expensive than Limos. The disadvantages are we need to find drivers separately.
  • renting a Limo for the day. Well, it would only be for 5 hours... the driver is supplied, but it's hellaciously expensive.
We can look at Benz rental places this weekend. If it's not that much different than Limo prices, I want the Limo instead.

<input ... > Party Things

We'll be going to Bazaare Novelty to look for party favour material, car decorations, etc.

<input ... > pester people for the Chinese names of guests
<input ... > start writing up invitations
<input ... > look for gold ink for the Chinese calligraphy pen. The corsage/boutonniere ribbon needs the words written on it...
<input ... > guest book(?) - decide if I really care because we already have the guest cloth thing
<input ... > continue ironing out the itinerary for that day

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