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Saturday Morning Errands

[weather|rainy and muggy-warm]

I went to Yaohan this morning. The Osaka Supermarket doesn't carry Pocky anymore, they had other Pocky-like brands (like Meiji's "Fran", which has a much nicer box, but was more expensive). I decided to go upstairs to Candyland instead. I had to hang out a little and wait for the shop owner to arrive. They arrive late and they close early. But that's another rant. Okay, so that's part of the stuff badkarma_05 wanted. I want to get one or two other Japanese snackie thingies for him before I send it off.

I stopped by Oakridge (upscale mall with a more Caucasian atmosphere; major department store there is The Hudson Bay Company) on the way home to try to find a small gold purse to go with my QiPao tonight. The last time I wore the QiPao was at my wedding, so I didn't need a purse. I didn't have any time to look for anything during the week. You would not believe how amazingly difficult it is to find a small gold purse. The ones that were sold at evening wear boutiques and shoe stores were all either too big or too ugly or both.

I finally found the right sized and decent-looking ones at the Hilton Handbag store. I even had three of them to choose from. =) I finally picked the pudgie, trapezoidal one that has a hide-away shoulder strap. The damage came to (CDN)$30-some with tax, it wasn't too bad. I got into a conversation with the lady ringing in my purse and we talked about what colour tie Bungo* should wear.

He has all of two ties to his name: a very generic-looking dark blue paisley one which he's been sharing with his brother for about 10 years now; and a mainly burgundy/wine red one that I bought for him to match my wine red velvet dress. I suppose since Milo* has a plain silver tie, Bungo can use that if I ever wear my silver dress =)

I ended up going to The Tie Rack to pour over walls and walls and walls full of ties. I was in the yellow/gold section and found a dull, dark yellow, slight brown tone, not-very-flashy gold one with a nice design. That came to (CDN)$30-some as well. I showed the purse and tie with the QiPao to Cora*, just to confirm the the colours weren't totally out of whack.

*sigh* I got this sinking feeling as if I were going through the wedding spending nightmare again. I'm glad I don't have that many formal parties to go to. =P

* I'm using everyone's Hobbit names from now on, so:

Cora Brandybuck of Buckland = my Mother-In-Law
Bungo Brandybuck of Buckland = Husband Guy
Ruby Chubb-Baggins = me
Milo Brandybuck of Buckland = Husband Guy's brother
Esmerelda Hornblower of Waymoot = Milo's girlfriend, piyomomo


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Dec. 8th, 2001 01:58 pm (UTC)
I hope you didn't go to any trouble on my account! And will you be using my Klingon name, Ack Vomitpants?
Dec. 11th, 2001 06:16 pm (UTC)
I thought about it, but "Ack Vomitpants, Son of Hack Barf" seems to be an incredibly common name for some reason. So you'd be confused with all the other Ack's out there.
Dec. 8th, 2001 03:38 pm (UTC)
I can see it now... picture this: me, not having a clue who you're talking about because you're using their LOTR names. heh :-)
Dec. 11th, 2001 06:17 pm (UTC)
I should somehow work it into a Legend in my journal header =)
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