The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Saturday Morning Errands

[weather|rainy and muggy-warm]

I went to Yaohan this morning. The Osaka Supermarket doesn't carry Pocky anymore, they had other Pocky-like brands (like Meiji's "Fran", which has a much nicer box, but was more expensive). I decided to go upstairs to Candyland instead. I had to hang out a little and wait for the shop owner to arrive. They arrive late and they close early. But that's another rant. Okay, so that's part of the stuff badkarma_05 wanted. I want to get one or two other Japanese snackie thingies for him before I send it off.

I stopped by Oakridge (upscale mall with a more Caucasian atmosphere; major department store there is The Hudson Bay Company) on the way home to try to find a small gold purse to go with my QiPao tonight. The last time I wore the QiPao was at my wedding, so I didn't need a purse. I didn't have any time to look for anything during the week. You would not believe how amazingly difficult it is to find a small gold purse. The ones that were sold at evening wear boutiques and shoe stores were all either too big or too ugly or both.

I finally found the right sized and decent-looking ones at the Hilton Handbag store. I even had three of them to choose from. =) I finally picked the pudgie, trapezoidal one that has a hide-away shoulder strap. The damage came to (CDN)$30-some with tax, it wasn't too bad. I got into a conversation with the lady ringing in my purse and we talked about what colour tie Bungo* should wear.

He has all of two ties to his name: a very generic-looking dark blue paisley one which he's been sharing with his brother for about 10 years now; and a mainly burgundy/wine red one that I bought for him to match my wine red velvet dress. I suppose since Milo* has a plain silver tie, Bungo can use that if I ever wear my silver dress =)

I ended up going to The Tie Rack to pour over walls and walls and walls full of ties. I was in the yellow/gold section and found a dull, dark yellow, slight brown tone, not-very-flashy gold one with a nice design. That came to (CDN)$30-some as well. I showed the purse and tie with the QiPao to Cora*, just to confirm the the colours weren't totally out of whack.

*sigh* I got this sinking feeling as if I were going through the wedding spending nightmare again. I'm glad I don't have that many formal parties to go to. =P

* I'm using everyone's Hobbit names from now on, so:

Cora Brandybuck of Buckland = my Mother-In-Law
Bungo Brandybuck of Buckland = Husband Guy
Ruby Chubb-Baggins = me
Milo Brandybuck of Buckland = Husband Guy's brother
Esmerelda Hornblower of Waymoot = Milo's girlfriend, piyomomo


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