The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Year End Party

I just finished washing all the gunk off my face and hair. Yowza.

I went to Mindy at 1600h. Mindy's the lady that did my hair and makeup for my wedding. She put all my hair into a ponytail, then separated it into 6 sections. She braided each section and looped the braids around at the back of my head. In the end, it looked like I was wearing a big flower made of hair on my head =) Mindy always says I'm one of the few people she's ever met who can use their own hair without extensions, without hairpieces.

Bungo and I headed out to the Seaforth Armories where the party was. I don't know much of the history of what that place is, except that it's a Canadian Military-ish place that rents out the space for special events. There's a large garage or hanger area where the Variety Club holds their Christmas parties for the kids. We were upstairs in the Officer's Quarters.

We had a Casino theme. We were given $2500 each in play money when we arrived. There were two Black Jack tables, a Roulette, Craps and one other table that I don't remember. One of the guys got a rental Elvis costume =)

There was an awesome buffet dinner followed by Theatre Sports, improv comedy with a group of three comedians =) They did sorta the same stuff from "Who's Line Is It Anyway".

One of them was a skit where the two guys had to act out a scene, but they couldn't move. Two volunteers controlled their bodies for them... the controllers could never quite keep up with the dialogue and it ended up looking really hiliarious ("I'll point it out to you, it's on my right... my RIGHT... MY RIGHT!"; "I SAID, I'd LIKE to SHAKE YOUR HAND").

And on and on it went all night. We laughed so hard our faces hurt. =)


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