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Carol Ship

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We gave Guai-Guai his second dose of Ivomec this afternoon. It took me a few tries to realize that my hands were just too small to hold him like Dr. Dhillon was. I had to hold him in a towel with both my hands and Bungo squirted Ivomec into his mouth. Cora (MIL) says he's been upset and suspicious of humans all evening...

Anyway, Bungo's company Year End party was on one of the Carol Ships this year. They're not very big, they seat about 300. We ended up with a few tables near the stern. It starts out at Canada Place, goes out to False Creek, does a u-turn and comes back. It lasts a total of 3 hours, you get a buffet dinner, dessert and they lead you in a whole bunch of Christmas Carols. There are some audience participation ones where they get volunteers to ring bells for "Silver Bells", "Joy to the World" and 12 people for "The 12 Days of Christmas".

One of Bungo's co-workers is from New Zealand and doesn't know many North American Christmas Carols. He was up on stage for "The 12 Days of Christmas". All he was told was "you're 3".

Picture a big, tall, 6'5" guy who sounds like Brad Roberts from The Crash Test Dummies with a New Zealand accent, not knowing the tune and not knowing what he's supposed to be "3" of.

The whole ship sings: On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Nigel speaks the solo: Three.

*4 beats of uncomfortable pause*

All of us start laughing in the back.

After being prompted by the hostess, still not knowing the tune, he says in a normal speaking voice: Three. French. Hens.

We're just howling at this point. He eventually caught on to the tune though. By the time he got it, the whole ship just sang along with him, so it didn't really matter =) When he finally came back, it was like, "where'd you learn to rap like that, Nigel?"

=D It was so funny.


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