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I've just noticed that I have a thing for teas that smell like jello. I noticed a Celestial Seasoning's Mixed Berry one in the kitchen at work, so I tried it. Very nice =)

I like Celestial Seasoning's Strawberry & Kiwi tea... The Tetley Strawberry isn't bad either. Very jello-ey.

Berry teas are very nice when they're steeped in Sprite as a punch for parties too. =) You get a carbonated lemony-limey-jello-ey punch. The instructions were to just dump teabags into a large punch bowl of Sprite - 5 teabags for every 2L. I did it for a party once and it was pretty good. I don't know if that works as well as it could because the Sprite is room-temperature at best and tea should be steeped in hot water.

If I ever get to try this again, I think I'd try boiling up 5 teabags in maybe a half cup (or even less?) of water to get a super strong tea, then let it cool and then mix with Sprite...

It would be interesting to try this with non-berry teas too.


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