The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

So Much For Surprising Her

Hee, I just got Esmerelda (piyomomo) a Paid Account for 12 months. =)

She told me she got me something for Christmas and I was totally unprepared to exchange gifts this year. I just did the cop-out thing and got her a Paid Account. =)

12/11/20 11:25 PM
E: hehehe yah i picked it... actually i picked urs too hahahah
R: oh jeez... I wasn't planning on doing a gift exchange... =P
E: no worries. give Milo a surprise (ie. not get him anything!) hahahahaha
R: okay, I know what to get you now. Just one q: about how much was the thing you got me?
E: but it's from Milo too. I know you will like/use it for sure but he thinks it's funny. dunno why he thinks it's funny though.
R: hmmm... okay... =)
E: maybe you'll know why he was laughing when u get it. maybe it's an inside joke or soemthing!

12/11/20 11:36 PM
R: check your e-mail... =)
E: which one?
R: I'm guessing your Yahoo one...

12/11/20 11:38 PM
E: =))))))))) cool! (it's like having a new toy!)
R: haha, Merry Christmas =)
R: heeheehee =)
E: heheh thanks again!
E: ok u can show me [Paypal] next time. i think ebay takes paypal too. i noticed that LJ doens't take new members anymore.
R: you don't have to do the [Paypal credit card] verification every time... just once. This is the second time I've used Paypal and I didn't have to wait for the verification again...
E: oic.. this is great i'll try to update more often. i was worried that LJ might one day shut down its service from free users and i'd lose all my entries.
R: re: new LJ members - you have to use a code from an existing user to create a new journal now. Existing users get codes for 1) paying; or 2) contributing to LJ somehow. You should have 12 codes. Go to the Main LJ page, and click "Invite A Friend" under "Download" and "Topics" in the left hand bar.
R: re: LJ shutting down service - you can export your journal entries for backup purposes.
E: cool i just generated 12 codes and a freebie one.
R: - Choose "CSV (Comma Separated Values)" for the Format. This way, you can open the .csv file in Excel. It won't be very pretty but all your entries will be there.

12/11/20 11:54 PM
R: does LJ load faster? =)
E: i think so.... sometimes i can't even get on does that mean i can go on all the time? =)
R: you should be able to get on all the time (unless the LJ Paid User servers are down)...
R: But now you have the right to complain when they're slow =D
E: yay!
E: hehehehe... i think i will revamp my page. hahah
R: go nuts =)


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