The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Sick, No DHCP-ness

[weather|monstrously windy]

The winds have caused power outages all over the GVRD, so we have no cable and no DHCP-ness. I'm writing this to post later.

I had been scarfing Halls all day yesterday at work, but I still felt funny last night. It didn't help that Bungo stayed at work for an extra 3 hours to chase down an uninitialized object on someone elses' project. The client's out-sourced monkey testers didn't test the Mac release until the very last day and found a crasher.

We got home at 2300h last night. I OD'ed on Neo Citron and went straight to bed.

That didn't help enough. Sometimes it does and I'll feel fine in the morning. But I woke up at 0730h with Bungo... I felt hit by a truck. I called in sick, OD'ed again on Neo Citron and went back to bed. Maybe if I'm feeling better, I'll go in to work on the weekend.

I slept until 1530h. Got up, ate a little. Still no cable or DHCP.

I'm going back to bed and read a bit of Harry Potter.


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