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Cheesy Pick-up Lines

So, buttaflii was talking about cheesy pickup lines and asked all of us about the worst one we got. Being Imzadi since I was 16, I don't get many pickup lines, but one of the few that stuck out in my mind was at a Beer Garden. This guy lightly bumps into me, accidentally on purpose, I'll bet. He says:

"Oops, sorry for that C-0 continuity there. Hi, I'm Geoff..."

I thought it was really cute. C-0 continuity is the Mathematical description of two curves in n-space that touch. If two curves are touching, no matter how (smoothly joined or at an angle), they are said to be "displaying C-0 continuity".

I ended up talking to him for quiet a while. =D He was tall, blue eyed, blonde and he was in my Euclidean Geometry class if you must know. Haven't seen him since the end of that course.

Okay, so it was a superlatively geeky pickup, but it's better than, "Hey baby, what's your Eigen Vector?"


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Dec. 15th, 2001 11:23 pm (UTC)
Would have been much weirder if he didn't have a math class with you. How weird would that line sound as a NORMAL pick up line? Like he's out at some non-university bar hitting on 18 year old beauticians or something.
Dec. 16th, 2001 11:25 am (UTC)
A test of sorts?
In that tat you were both in a math course together at that time, I presume that C-O Continuity was a recient subject of that particular course, so he knew that you should know it if you were paying attention, and in a wasy was saying he ws paying attention too (perhaps to both you, the subject at hand, and the math). Let me tell you, it's not easy to pay attention in class if your distracted. Or to come up with a good way to break the ice to meet someone from a class sometimes.
At least he didn't move into topology coments.

Dec. 16th, 2001 08:24 pm (UTC)
Re: A test of sorts?
Hey Bill, haven't seen you in a while =) Yeah, I'm glad it didn't get much geekier than that =D
Dec. 16th, 2001 02:04 pm (UTC)
What is "Imzadi" mean?
Dec. 16th, 2001 08:28 pm (UTC)
Imzadi is Betazoid for "The First". It was defined in Peter David's "Imzadi", the concept was created around Deanna Troi and William Riker's romance where they are (supposedly) each others' first love.

I've been using that term to describe my relationship with Bungo. He was my first bf and I was his first gf; we'd never broken up or gone out with anyone else.
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