The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Cheesy Pick-up Lines

So, buttaflii was talking about cheesy pickup lines and asked all of us about the worst one we got. Being Imzadi since I was 16, I don't get many pickup lines, but one of the few that stuck out in my mind was at a Beer Garden. This guy lightly bumps into me, accidentally on purpose, I'll bet. He says:

"Oops, sorry for that C-0 continuity there. Hi, I'm Geoff..."

I thought it was really cute. C-0 continuity is the Mathematical description of two curves in n-space that touch. If two curves are touching, no matter how (smoothly joined or at an angle), they are said to be "displaying C-0 continuity".

I ended up talking to him for quiet a while. =D He was tall, blue eyed, blonde and he was in my Euclidean Geometry class if you must know. Haven't seen him since the end of that course.

Okay, so it was a superlatively geeky pickup, but it's better than, "Hey baby, what's your Eigen Vector?"


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