The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Comfy Reading Corner

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[mood|bright idea]

There's an area off to the side and behind my desk that has ugly olive green couches. It's an under-used lounge and waiting area. The only person who ever has people waiting to see her is the Director of Finance. Her office is squarely behind my desk and everyone who waits to see her comes to chat with me =) I should keep some toys and activities on a free edge of my desk for people waiting for her. =)

But anyway, back to this under-used lounge with ugly unwelcoming green couches. I discovered today that those couches are very comfy. I may actually set myself up over there with a desk lamp and a blankie. Then in the evening, instead of sitting at my desk, I'll grab myself a mug of tea, bring my cell phone along, maybe break up a granola bar and go curl up on one of the armchairs and read my Harry Potter book.


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