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New To Do:

<input ... >Videography

We've got Bailey and his team, Chris and Andy, doing our videography. =) We're supposed to pick 5-6 songs that are 3-4 minutes each; type up a list of people; get together a bunch of pictures.

<input ... >Itinerary

> Continue ironing out the itinerary for that day.

This has become a higher priority now. Bailey needs our itinerary for the day so that he can plan out the schedule.

<input ... > Birk's @ Oakridge

> We can do this Thursday night because the mall is open until 9pm.

Okay, we didn't go Thursday night. W worked late and so did I. I was THIS || CLOSE to finishing off my Form Attributes assignment at work. I had been ripping PL/SQL apart and sticking it back together in different ways and I was so close to finishing. We didn't leave work until a bit past 8:00pm. We were tired and not wanting to do anything. *sigh* We'll go on the weekend.

<input ... > Flowers

Bernice is on her way with this. She has to find dark green florist tape though... I said I might whip by Alpha Craft at Yaohan in Richmond and grab some while we were out Saturday.

<input ... > Makeup & Hair

Still haven't called.

<input ... > Transportation

Haven't heard back yet from the Limo place. We'll go see Benz rentals this weekend.

<input ... > Party Things

We'll be going to Bazaare Novelty to look for party favour material, car decorations, etc.

<input ... > pester people for the Chinese names of guests
<input ... > start writing up invitations
<input ... > look for gold ink for the Chinese calligraphy pen. The corsage/boutenniere ribbon needs the words written on it...
<input ... > guest book(?) - decide if I really care because we already have the guest cloth thing


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