The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

*kiff* *kiff*


A *kiff* is a little *cough*.

I'm trying to resist coughing if I can help it at all. The throat germ monster has moved down my trachea and I start feeling very coughy at about 1800h in the evenings. Coughing just rips my trachea tissue open and is just asking for further infection.

It's only in the evenings though (I know this means something because doctors have specifically asked me about the time of day that it happens) and it gets to its worst just before I go to bed. It was kind of annoying to be kiffing through the Hogwart's Sorting Ceremony, but oh well...

I'm perfectly fine during the day... except I'm a little hoarse. I snarfled some Benylin DM Dry Cough last night and again this morning.

I get more up in arms about my throat germs than most people. I had two bouts of lung infections (not sure if it was actually Pneumonia) before I was 2 years old that nearly killed me. They gave me Penecillin and Tetracycline. That's how "last ditch effort" it was.

Every single medical practioner and every single dentist I've talked to drops their jaws and eyeballs when I tell them I was given the Tetracycline/Penecillin combo at 15 months and again at 24 months. Tetracycline comes with multiple warnings in screaming loud, red, capital letters that it is not to be given to children under 8 years of age without close monitoring by a Physician. One of the known side-effects is that it wacks out the adult teeth that develop in a baby's gums... which is why my dentists have always been blown away too.

One doctor said to me after putting his face back together, "You were put on this Earth for a reason..."

Then when I was 19 or so, from a combination of ambition and stupidity, a little cold turned into a bigger cold that led to throat germs. I ignored it and went on working around the clock, not eating and not sleeping for 60 hours at a time. Throat germs had a field day and turned into Bronchitis. Bronchitis got really bad and that's when I found out that, yes, I did inherit the Asthma genes from my Dad's side of the family. =P

Within 3 months, I had a Salbutamol inhaler to go with my glasses to complete the Geek outfit.

It took almost a year of buckling down and taking care of myself to really kick the Asthma attacks and blood-in-phlegm thing.


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