The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

WHATDYAMEAN "Not Reproduceable"?!?!?!


I think this is how we'll do performance reviews for the developers on my project: bring a "Check and Double Check" puzzle book (those "find the differences between two similar pictures") and make each of them do enough to fill up half an hour's time.

Anyone who misses more than 10% of the diffs is fired on the spot with no severence.

Our project requires visual verification. There's no other way around it. Okay, there is. There totally is. But it's way too late to do it now. We're a sliver away from going Gold.

The testers have to look at two screens side by side and say if they look the same. We're being very lax about it because the client's environment is on crack.

But, my team just had a really good laugh at a marked up screenshot of "what's wrong" that was sent to a developer when he resolved a bug as "Not Reproduceable". It looked like one of those sport strategy schematics where they scribble lines, arrows, X's and O's all over your TV screen.

But it's like, "YOU COULDN'T SEE ALL THAT?!?!" Jeez...


Our team's a good bunch. We have our moments, but it's all good in the end =)


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