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Bazaare Novelty & Wedding World

GAWD, they have so much STUFF!!!

Okay, I was kinda miserable before about what the hell I was going to do with the decorations, but having seen what's available, I feel much better.

Bazaare Novelty can do these cool balloon/streamie centre pieces. They're kinda small, which is good, because the lazy suzie will be packed with food anyway.

Wedding World has wired netted leaves. They're about $20 for 144, I'd need six grosses (288 favours; 3 leaves each). But those are for the white trim wire ones that are in the glass display case in front and just to the right of the cashier desk. They also have the same thing with a silver trim wire on the wall behind the cashier desk that are marked as more expensive, but I'm wondering if I can haggle because it's basically the same thing.

The store owner is in on Wednesdays. I'm going to try to take a Wednesday to go over there and ask about a volume discount...

I've decided on silver and red balloon streamie things for table centre pieces from Bazaare Novelty.

I'm thinking: piece of candy inside the silver trim wired net leaf; red tulle on top of that; bound with dark green florist tape; a small green leaf or two; two small silver bells; red and silver bow on the stem.

If not, the backup plan is to just do a candy bundle in red tulle and white tulle with silver trim on the outside.


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