The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Highschool Buddies


</a></b></a> and I met a bunch of our highschool friends for dinner. Okay, they're his friends from highschool... I didn't have any friends back then.

We went to Dario's, it's an Italian restaurant right by the Italian Cultural Centre on 12th and Slocan. I had veal with portabello mushrooms and </a></b></a> had some kind of peppercorn steak. After dinner, we rounded up one more buddy and went to Cheesecakes Etc. on Granville and ... 4th? 5th? Good food, good company.

We caught up a bit. B's lost a frightening amount of weight since we last saw him. He doesn't seem too upset anymore over SlimeGirl... which is good. *sigh* They had fun joking about relationships and Eternal Bachelorhood. =) One of the guys is getting married next August, so we talked, joked and laughed at all things wedding. Then there were the "Old Married" slags at our expense =)

Everyone asked us (individually, of course) if we planned to have children and when (yes, we're trying); how many (let's just try ONE for the moment); what were we going to name them (let's see if I can maybe get pregnant first).

We explained away some of the mythology behind having children: that it is actually insanely difficult to conceive... The solution we all came to, is to pretend we are teenagers who do NOT want to get pregnant and CANNOT possibly take care of a child. In that case, we should just be able to THINK about making out and conception should happen spontaneously.

That, and maybe have intercourse in the back seat of a Buick stationwagon.

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