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Word of the Day: "fugacious"

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All these great 'f' words =) =)

fugacious \fyoo-GAY-shuhs\ adjective:
     : lasting but a short time; fleeting

Example usages:
     The fugacious nature of life and time.
     --Harriet Martineau, Autobiography

     [T]astes, smells... being, in comparison, fugacious.
     --John Stuart Mill, Examination of Sir W. Hamilton's Philosophy

     When he proposed the tax in May, Altman thought it would follow the fugacious nature of some flowers: bloom quickly and die just as fast.
     --Will Rodgers, "Parks proposal falls on 3-2 vote," [1]Tampa Tribune, June 27, 2001

     Fugacious is derived from Latin fugax, fugac-, "ready to flee, flying; hence, fleeting, transitory," from fugere, "to flee, to take flight." Other words derived from the same root include fugitive, one who flees, especially from the law; refuge, a place to which to flee back (re-, "back"), and hence to safety; and fugue, literally a musical "flight."

BTW, here's my Interesting Words List if you want to see what other WOTD's I liked enough to keep.

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