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Wedding Music

I said in one of my earlier journal entries (November 01, 2000) that I'm walking to the "Congratulations!" tune from Ah, My Goddess. That was actually a toned down version of what I originally wrote. In the spirit of Double Happiness, I didn't want to slam all the billions of brides before me. But, since seditionMy Favorite Mike told me to "just let'er rip" =) :

I hate the Bridal Chorus from Act II of the Lohengrin Opera.

... you know, the "Here Comes The Bride" tune.

To me, Wagner wasn't just a composer. He was also, apparently, a political writer/essayist who was very politically and racially anti-Semitic (Das Judentum in der Musik, 1850, rev. 1869 is the one I was quoted). His essays were an inspiration to a particular 20-some year old Adolf Hitler, who at the time was denied admission to the Vienna Institute of Art and trying not to be down-and-out, selling his paintings to mostly Jewish merchants.

I've NEVER liked Wagner's work from the first time I'd heard it. There was always something that bothered me. Even before I clued in to the Wagner-Lohengrin association, I didn't like the Bridal Chorus from Act II either but I didn't realize it until much later. I'm not saying that everything Hitler did was entirely irrefutably Wagner's fault, but I _am_ fascinated that my heart knew something all along that my brain didn't.

Racism and other forms of unfounded hate have no place in my life, so it's important to me that it is not included on my wedding day either. I refuse to use it as my bridal processional.

The Lohengrin Opera is also a tragedy. Elsa and Sir Lohengrin (son of Percival) don't last more than four hours and two intermissions. If Chinese knew where the tune came from, it would be forbidden at weddings.


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