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Hmm... 1420h. I should maybe go eat or something. I have leftovers from last night's roast, mash potatoes, cream of mushroom & broccoli and potato/fruit salad.

*munching and typing at the same time*

Last night was hectic for Bungo. I was about to go home at 2000 to pack us a Monitor Glare dinner again. But when I got to my car, I noticed that Bungo had put my steering wheel lock on. My steering wheel lock key had been broken since last year.

Great. *sigh*

Bungo called home to see if one of the five spares they had belonged to my lock. I said I didn't think any of those were mine because that lock is mine and I never gave my spare to Bungo's family. Cora came out to the office and, sure enough, none of them worked.

I called my Dad because I remembered leaving my spare with him. So, my Dad drove all the way out to Bungo's office and we got it off.

By this time, it's 2130h. I get home, pack three tupperware dinners (one for Bungo's boss who was also still working) and drive back to the office. We didn't end up eating until 2200. =P

Boss Guy left at around 2230 and I fell asleep on Bungo's inflatable couch until midnight.


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