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Wedding Errand Day

I took today off to go get some stuff bought and out of the way.

*sigh* It's not quite that easy. The crappy part is: I have enough time to be super picky about everything, so I am being super picky. If I look at something and I'm not 300% happy with it, I'll want to keep looking.

The Day is still a fair amount of time away. I know from experience that I should start getting things out of the way now so that it's not a huge Attack of the Killer Panic Monsters in late-June and early-July. But I'm also afraid that, with so much lead time, I'll see the same piece of merchandise, but better style, better quality, better price somewhere else or I'll just change my mind, but be stuck with what I've already paid for.

Well, I'm heading off to Round 2 of the Wedding Run. I'll write more when I get back.


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