The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Staying Away

[weather|damn, it's sticking]

I think I'll stay away from a Buddy and his fiancee when she moves into town. Not that I have much of a problem doing this anyway with my wacky work hours and complete lack of a life. But I think Bungo and I will be sending our regrets to their party/get-together/wedding thing whenever they decide to have it.

I'm not sure if Buddy's fiancee thinks of me as The Other Woman. I was fairly close friends with Buddy. Geeky close. Not really even Platonic close. She's not a techie type, I'm not sure she'd understand. I tend not to be understood well by non-techie women in general. *shrug* In general. In general...

They both came to our wedding, but since this is their day, here's me trying to do the right thing. If I can possibly be construed as The Other Woman, I resolve to keep my distance.


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