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Continued from 2:30pm...

So, I ended up not buying much. I was going to order the table centre pieces from Bazaare Novelty, but they didn't have 4" Mylar balloons in a Wedding-ish design. They had a really cute red heart with two adorable white doves/lovebirds in their catalog, but the words on the balloons say "I Love You" and if they order those out of the catalog for me, they have to order 100. I only want 30. AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so forget that.

We went over to Wedding World. I was going to order favour tags from them and they can print Chinese too... yeee!!!! =D But I was thinking on the way if I really want the candy things... I was orginally dead set on candy, but I'm starting to think that fridge magnets might be a better idea. So, if I can find a neat trinketty thing to put on the favour tags, I think I might do that instead. So, that meant that I didn't order the favour tags yet because it means that I have to think about how the letters are going to fit on the tag so that the trinketty thing won't cover it.

I was going to get a cake knife/serving set and champagne flutes for the toast. I noticed that they had matching bows on the serving sets and champagne flutes. They had a variety of bows and handles and flutes. They just didn't have the handle I wanted with the bows I wanted AND matching flutes. I have time, so I'm not settling for 2 out of 3 right now =P This means I didn't buy any of these things either.

I was going to order the pew bows, but then I remembered that I hadn't talked to a friend who had pew bows left over from another wedding that I could maybe borrow for free. =P Didn't get pew bows either.

I didn't get the Unity Candle either. I wasn't especially impressed with the candle stands at Wedding World.

The pompom limo flowers will have to wait until I find out if we're getting a limo and how big it is.


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