The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Dear Client


Db. A. Client
Stall #4973 - Barn 8264
Tard Farm
V4Z 8Y1

Dear Mr. Client,

As per your request to implement a feature that you have previously agreed that you do not need, might I remind you that your "technology's" API only supports a limited subset of the functionality we would need for the visual effects to even remotely resemble reality.

As well, if we tried to do more computation at the engine level so that we conform to your Loser Ass API, it would blow your lame resource requirements through the roof.

Thank you,

The Engineering Team.

"Db. A." stands for "Dumb Ass".

[Update - 1630h]

I want to drop kick something. Their latest bug report to us contained numerous issues that A) didn't belong to the component we are working on; B) have never been reported to us before but looks like it's been assigned to us for a good long while judging by the snippy comments about our competence; C) exact duplicates of existing issues; or D) just plain unhelpful explanations.

One of the issue reports, no word of a lie, goes like this:

Entry 1: This file causes a GPF when I open it with a_hideously_old_build. -- A

Entry 2: I can see it just fine with a_very_old_build. -- B

Entry 3: Okay, it works for me in a_very_old_build, but a few other things are screwy and I'm wondering why. Or should I close this issue since the main issue is the GPF? -- A

Entry 4: All of these should be long fixed in the_latest_build. -- C

Entry 5: the_end_user is escalating this issue. Assign to Engineering Team. -- D

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