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Well, the six people who were laid off in January left offices open. We had a company-wide bidding for those offices. You tell the Admin person that which spot you're interested in. Out of the people interested, the person with the highest seniority (by hire date, then alphabetical by first name - that's it, I'm changing my name to begin with an underscore =P) gets it. I didn't bother bidding for anything - I was one of the last ones hired, there's really no point.

I'm smack-dab in the middle of a big open floor. The only division thing around me is my desk and a gigantic pillar that my desk faces. I kinda like it this way. It's wide open and very free-flowing. Everyone was joking that I now have the largest office in the entire building, I can decorate it as I please =D

I've seen the offices, they're upstairs and they're pretty small (one of them was painted lime green and bright orange by one of the guys =). There are outer offices with windows that are much better than the inner offices with no windows, but I wouldn't have a chance at those either.

There are some window spots opening up on the floor I'm on right now, so I may take one of those instead.


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