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I guess this is my focus right now =) I went back to Craft Plus and Craft Canada to get more flowers. Mabel (bridesmaid girl) came with me. Pink full bloom roses without water droplets, medium bloom and medium bud, Baby's Breath from Craft Plus. Red full bloom gold trim roses, red medium bloom or bud gold trim roses, small buds, small white Quasi Baby's Breath, 2-3 more original pink medium stems from Craft Canada. We couldn't find fern anywhere. Not the kind of fern I want.

We were thinking about the favours as well. I've been thinking about wanting to get fridge magnets instead of candy things. We went to Moose Magnets. I wanted those tiny personalized mugs, except they don't do custom names. I would have ordered 300 of each and put them together. =P They have blank ones, but I don't know how I'd put our names on it though.

Current Music: Legend of the Condor Heroes II

I typed that in myself, I didn't use the "Detect Music" feature because my current song list is in Chinese and LiveJournal mangles it, so even NJStar doesn't interpret it properly for some reason.

I've been listening to what Will calls "Moldy Oldies". These are Hong Kong Chinese drama series theme songs from the 80's. These were the songs that I grew up with: Frances Yip's "Shanghai Beach"; Lisa Wong's "King of Kings"; Adam Cheng, Allan Tam, Anita Mui, Roman Tam, Yan Nei, Nadia Chan, Derik Wan, Andy Lau, etc.


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