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Canadian National Anthem

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I'm in a wait state right now...

I can't remember which paper it was in this morning, but I read that the Senate was saying that Canadian National Anthem excludes women.

Excuse me, THIS IS NOT NEWS. We've known this for centuries. Where the hell have you guys been?!?! The French version is gender neutral, although the French version leaks Bible all over.

I, personally, really like the Molson Canadian "Canadian" song and would prefer to think of this as the Canadian National Anthem:

I know this place is where I am
No other place is better than
No matter where I go I am
Proud to be Canadian

I am, you know I am
I am Canandian
I am, you know I am
I am Canadian

I love this country where I am
This land is where I make my stand
No other heart is truer than
The one we call Canadian

I am, you know I am (know I am)
I am Canadian (know I am)
I am, you know I am (know I am)
I am Canadian
I am Canadian!

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