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Gold Master Release & New SVG Project

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Thursday and Friday just about flattened me.

The PDF project I'm on has FINALLY GONE GOLD MASTER. We delivered the final release on Wednesday. They came back 15 minutes later with a performance enhancement request. Our whole team was like, "WHAT?!?!?". They have a product launch at the end of the month which includes our PDF component. You'd think they have better things to do, like mass reproduce the copies or something. But no, they're asking for a performance enhancement on one of the components.

I suppose I'll grant them that the PDF component was their flagship product and this had to be next to perfect. Their technology sucked though. We had to partially alter PDF document content in order for it to be displayed properly in their technology. This squicks me - it squicks the entire team. But there's nothing we can do. Hey, it's called Giant Neon Signs Pointing At The Paper Trail.

So. We should have our Ship-It Dinner sometime soon. =D Although I feel kinda bad that one of the engineers who put a ton of work into this project was laid off just two months ago. I wonder if they'll invite her back for the dinner...

Anyway, that was part of my Thursday and Friday: hauling ass to get this last performance enhancement included in the Release Candidate.

Meanwhile, I was put on an SVG project. Between running great gobs of benchmarks on the PDF stuff, I got started on the SVG stuff. I don't officially start until Monday, but I wanted to check it out anyway. My first thing was with SMIL Animation. It's been a blast so far. =D

Just to get familiar with stuff, I'm making a bunch of pieces do some loopty-looping, twirling, and shuffling around, then make them all repeat the sequence infinitely. The first time I did it, I just told them all to repeat. So they all started twirling and dancing off by themselves over and over without regard to the other pieces. It was all sorts of hilarious to watch, but that wasn't the right thing. =D

Then I chained them all together with relative start times and made the first animate* action fire off of two conditions - on page load and after the last animate* ends. It aaaaaaaaalmost worked except it did one small weird/unexcpected/inexplicable thing, but was otherwise perfect. Depending on your point of view it's either A) a bug in the Adobe SVG Viewer or B) amazing that the Viewer didn't light my desk on fire for giving it a circular reference. So I ended up completely re-writing all animate*'s to use ones that supported the keyTimes animation sequence attributes. Not difficult, but it's a pain to re-code.


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