The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Holy Clothes Horses Batman!

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I've been 'tar -cvf'-ing and 'gzip'-ing up the contents of my room... or at least trying to. I'm making superb headway. Aside: I can totally hear myself yelling at my child: "You cd to your room and make clean!!!".

I started on my clothes last night.

Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd.

I have 4 big garbage bags packed full of clothes. And I'm not done yet. I've never been too wardrobe-keen. My Mother bought me all my clothes until I was 24. I wore what I liked and used what I didn't like as sleepwear. My Mom is a Clothes Horse, for sure. I just want a few things with mix-and-matchability; I don't have a problem wearing the same thing two days in a row; hand-me-ups and hand-me-downs don't bother me.

But as I was folding and packing these clothes, I couldn't help but notice how incredibly huge my sweaters and shirts were. Granted, "loose", "floppy" and "oversized" were probably in style back then, but jeezus, these things were ridicu-freaking-lous. I don't ever remember being THAT big. WHAT was the fashion society THINKING?!

Or maybe that's why I never wore many of them, because my Mom tended to buy me clothes that I could "grow into".

I'm going to keep these archived for a while, just to see if there's anything I can use for pregnancy clothes (if that EVER happens). Even then, I'll pick out a few things and take the rest to consignment.


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