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That's what I've been doing this last week. Nothing in my life is really significant enough to write about.

Work is the same story. I'm due for my huge wad of raise. I'm at the top of the list by my last performance review results. I'm doing bits and pieces of things right now, tentatively on the QuarkXpress project that's due to begin April 02. But when I asked if I was officially on the project, I was told "maybe... we might save you for the bigger, badder Corel project". I was drooling over a prospective MathML project, but that may or may not come about.

Brother Boy has moved into my bedroom and I've tucked my stuff away in his room. He now has more closet space than he knows what to do with. =) He's also inherited my 5-drawer armoire which is more storage space than he needs as well. I suggested to him that the drawers would be great for keeping the dust off his novel collection (Sci-Fi, mostly Star Trek). He could either do that or use the shelves in the organizer closet for books and put his clothes in the drawers.


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