The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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It's very quiet here today.

They're having a Company Frolick-In-The-Snow Day =) They rented a bus and took everyone to Cypress (or Seymour, I don't remember) for a day of skiing, boarding, taboganing, tubing, snow shoeing or whatever people want to do.

I didn't go. A) Too much stuff to do. B) Not a cold weather frolicking type of person. C) Refuse to spend $300,000.00 for gear. The company's paying for lift tickets, rentals and stuff today, but I'd still need the basic personal stuff (jacket, pants, goggles, toque, footwear, etc.)

I am, however, enjoying a nice, quiet, undistracted day at work, listening to my Placido, louder than necessary, on my speakers - as opposed to one earphone only because I'm afraid of being talked to and not hearing. =)


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