The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Lunch w/ My Favorite Mike

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Went out for lunch with My Favorite Mike* today. We were originally going to "The Tea Place". He gave me directions, but I couldn't picture this place where he was describing (and I've been working in this same area for over a year now, so I had a pretty good idea of the block he was describing).

We decided to meet on the street and walk over together. Well, it turns out he was completely wrong about where it was, his description was about a block off and he said there was a bright blue awning. We get there and there was nary a fleck of blue of any shade, in all 360° around. And "The Tea Place" he was talking about was actually called "The Herd of Retarded Pink Elephants Cafe" or something like that. And it wasn't open until 2:00pm.

That's what I like about My Favorite Mike. He's comic relief. Always =D

So we went to Steamrollers instead. He hadn't been there in a long time. I had been there a few days ago, but food is food. I decided to get something with a plastic tray today because their burritos are way too messy. =)

We chatted about this, that and the other thing; what's happening with the company that I used to work at; who's gone, who's still there, what's happening with whom. We had a nice chat.

* I know a lot of guys named "Mike", but this "Mike" is my favorite =) Not that it means I actually like him, it's more like I just dislike him the least out of all the "Mike"'s I know. =D =D =D j/k. Mike's a good guy =)

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