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A Walk in the Woods

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I haven't seen this survey since first year Psychology. Maybe I have, I only vaguely remember.

1) You're on a path in the woods. Describe it.

There are trees growing randomly everywhere, but it's not so dense that you can't walk through. There's a path that is tightly packed grass.

2) You come across a stream. Describe it and how you cross it.

It's a brook, about chest deep. I walk over a wooden footbridge, slightly to the West. Hey, it doesn't say there isn't one! =)

3) You come across a fallen tree. It's 5 feet in diameter, and 30 feet long. What do you do with it?

Nothing. I walk around it.

4) On the path, you come across a key. Describe it and what you do with it.

It's a small gold key. I put it in my pocket and carry on.

5) You come across a cup on the path. Describe it, and what you do with it.

Somehow, I'm thinking of my Starbuck's 16oz. travel mug. It's one of the last designs with no handle on it. I pick it up and keep it.

6) You come across a bear. What do you do? Describe the bear.

The bear is hybernating. I sneak by as quietly as I can even though I know I shouldn't be worried because as long as I don't kick it or do something equally stupid, it wouldn't wake up.

The path represents your life and how you view it.

The stream represents the problems you face and how you deal with them.

The tree represents major problems in your life, and how you deal with them.

The key is your personal relationships, and you do with them.

The cup is sex/sexual relationships, and what they mean to you.

The bear is death, and how you deal with it.

Not that I know what that says about my relationships. *shrug*
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