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Ben Heppner Concert

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I went to the Ben Heppner Concert tonight at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia. I went by myself. This was my first live performance. I loved it, I had a great time.

Ben Heppner has an absolutely wonderful voice. I can't really say much more on his vocal technique. I really don't know a whole lot about voice other than to just appreciate the sounds. I am, however, beginning to be able to hear what Andrea Bocelli meant when he said in an interview, something to the effect that his (Bocelli's) voice was nowhere near the level of a World Class Tenor.

Anyway, Ben was AMAZING. I'm so glad I went to this concert. I wanted to lean forward in my seat when he leaned forward; I tensed when he crescendo'ed into a fortissimo forte; I stopped breathing when he held a note... I had to let go half way through his fermata. I didn't think it was too healthy for my face to turn blue. Heh. =}

John Hess was the pianist. His fingers didn't seem to really move at all, but all this beautiful music came pouring out of that Grand piano.

Ben also has a great sense of humour and really fun to watch. When there was an inordinate amount of coughing between pieces, as he reached for his water, he Vana-White'd his glass of water. He had two glasses of water set on a stool at the end of the grand piano. Ben emptied one, so he puts it back and spins the lazy suzie on the stool to get at the other one. That was cute.

The drive into the University Endowment Lands was a minor nostalgic moment as well. I'd bussed and driven (*cough*sped*cough*) down Southwest Marine Dr. for 4 years when I was a wee undergrad.

Ben is fellow UBC Alumni. It's written in 2 point Baxter Condensed Narrow, in Latin, on the reverse side of my degree that I must support fellow Alumni. I'm kidding, but I wanted to anyway =) It was neat that he was performing on the exact spot where my Bachelor of Science degree was conferred upon me.

I was sitting in Row M, Seat 9 which is dead centre, in direct line of site to stage. Ben was singing ...   Right.   At.   Me.   *teehee* This meant, though, that I had to scuseme-scuseme-pardonme-scuseme my way into my seat. I apologetically commented to the lady on the aisle that maybe I should just jump over the back of my seat because Row M was the last row in the Orchestra section. =}

Of course I lined up for autographs! An adoring fan-girl always gets an autograph. I had a nice chat with Ben at the autograph table =D Yes, it was difficult maintaining molecular cohesion and not melting into a puddle of ooze on the floor. But I did it. I even weasled a personal greeting with my autograph... MWAHAHAHA >=} It says, "To Jade with best wishes! BHeppner" =D =D =D And he also autographed my Airs Français CD case =)

Earlier in April, I was going through his website and decided to write to the "Click Here" thing with a question. Well, you know what happens when the "Click Here" anchor actually answers you back. You keep asking questions. =) The "Click Here" anchor turned out to be Ben's Assistant, EM. So I ended up chatting back and forth briefly with EM. I saw him today after the autograph table and went to say hello. John was also there, so I got his autograph too, YAY! His says, "Jade     what a wonderful place to play! Thank you     Jdloi IL-wiggly-line". =)

We chatted about how I was balking at the Pavarotti Almost-Concert in Vancouver, when a co-worker told me that Ben Heppner is Way Better™ and doesn't cost $4000000000000000.00 per seat. We ended on the note that Ben Heppner was the best music to be geeking to and I trundled off on my merry way.

So, that was the rest of my evening. This was also the first thing that I had done just for myself in a while. I didn't have to worry about meeting up with So&so at such&such-a-time at such&such-a-place, miffed that they're not ready or some other wardrobe disaster, worrying that they're not really enjoying themselves, they're just there to keep me company. I didn't have to feel guilty about the Husband Guy being dragged along to one of my La-Dee-Dah things dressed like a penguin with a little noose around his neck. I'll probably still get the ribbing for years afterwards about "hobnobbin' with the hoity-toity", but whatever. =)

The Programme:

I. Robert Schumann

    In der Fremde
    Die Stille
    Schöne Fremde
    Auf einer Burg
    In der Fremde
    Im Walde

I n t e r m i s s i o n

II. Henri DuParc

    Le manoir de Rosamonde
    Chanson Triste

III. Sir Francesco Paulo Tosti

    La Serenata
    L'alba separa dalla luce l'ombra


    The Roses of Picardy
    (? ... I don't know the other one...)

I have all the lyrics (except for the encores) and the English translations. But *yawn* that will have to wait until tomorrow... *yawn*

One more thought... I wish Ben took requests for the encores. I would have asked for Puccini's Nessun Dorma. I like Ben's version better than Pavarotti's. Seems like anybody who is anybody does Prince Calaf in one production or another =) The lady behind me in the autograph line also said she loved his version.

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