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Grandma slid out of bed Sunday morning. For some reason, she likes sleeping on the very edge of her bed and stick her feet outside the covers, off the side of the bed. I guess she edged herself a little too far and slipped right off.

Her bed is about a foot away from the wall. So, Sunday morning, Grandpa heard a loud noise and went to get Husband Guy's father to help. When he found her, she was in a kneeling position against the wall, on the floor next to her bed. Her oxygen tubes had slipped off her face and she wasn't breathing.

He put her back on the bed, put her tubes back in place, kept patting her on the back and she started breathing again.

She doesn't have much time left. She's had lymph fluid swelling for a while now too. It started in her feet and it comes up past her waist now. She's having trouble breathing, even with the oxygen breathing apparatus. The doctor estimated her life expectancy to be 2 months in January. She's lived past that now.

Since the last time I wrote, Grandma has been doing steadily worse. After her colon surgery, she had talked about not having any more surgery even if doctors recommended it. MIL just kept telling her that surgery meant that she could live longer and she had to live long enough to see her great-grandchildren. That seemed to keep her going for a while.

The test results from the lung fluid in November said that the fluid was all cancerous. The doctors stopped prescribing all drugs except pain killers and just sent her home. She's been on Morphine for the last week.

Grandma has also been in a fog since she came home from her November 2001 hospital stay to drain the fluid from her lungs. Her reasoning ability has gone to bits. And I've been watching my husband's father take full advantage of that. Grandma started saying things that indicated a sudden and strange change of mind that could not be anything other than his words.

She hasn't been able to walk on her own, it takes 2-3 people to help her up and down the stairs (but she insists on going up and down the stairs every day). Talking is a chore because she keeps coughing. She was still eating by herself, but not much else.

Grandpa is pretty heartbroken. He holds her hand and cries.

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