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music:Pavarotti - La Donna E Mobile

</a></b></a> is playing GTA III right now. It's pretty amazing, it's like a combination of GTA II and Midtown Madness. You can still steal cars and there are tons of missions you can do. There are about 10 radio stations you can listen to while you're in a car.

One of them is Double Cleff FM which plays classical music. The program on it right now is called "The Fat Lady Sings" =D =D =D and the DJ, Morgan Merryweather, is so hilarious. They play full length, so-so quality tracks, but I SWEAR THEY HAVE MY EXACT PLAYLIST!!! =D

It's funny, every single time Husband Guy steals a new car, I make him change the station to Double Cleff =)

It's great. =)

Tags: husband guy

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