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So, Bernice is in the home stretch of finishing off the bouquets and starting on the corsages/boutonnieres. From the looks of it, we won't have enough of the right kind of leaves. The ones that looked best were the dark green leaves with a brown border on them. They came with some of the flowers, but there just aren't enough. We went back to the mall to look for them and even the same flowers in slightly different styles had completely different greenery on them. That was a bust. =P

But then, I found FERN. They were meant to be complete fern plants, so there were about 24 sprigs on each plant and they were all different sizes too. I got 3 small ones and 1 medium one so that Bernice would have lots to work with.

I still need to get more pearl sprays.

I saw a rose brooch pin with a stopper. That's the kind of pin I want, but I need them way bigger. We need to hit Dressew some time. They would have oodles of ribbon and notions like that.


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