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Japanese Pocket OS

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I'm temporarily on another project for 2 weeks. *sigh* So, no Mac Girl for 2 weeks.

The reason I'm on this is because of my involvement with the PDF project that ended back in February/March.

This same clients' technology is being ported to some new Japanese Pocket-PC-PDA-ish device. I think the hardware is still in development... the thing the company sent us to test with, is a circuit board on my desk. It's about the size of a deck of cards. I suppose it technically would fit in my pocket, but the IC/capacitor/resistor leads sticking out the back would hurt...

The resolution and colour on this thing is amazing. It's all in Japanese. I have no farging clue what I'm poking and stabbing at with my stylus. But I'm amazed at how well I'm bumbling my way around the menus. I actually have an idea of what the menu items are approximately talking about.

And armed with this foggy knowledge, I'm supposed to figure out how to setup/run all the test suites, benchmarks and stuff on this OS. "We know you can do it...", they said.

*sigh* Sometimes, it's scary when other people have more confidence in you than you do in yourself. I'm just hoping I don't set fire to my desk...


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