The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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First Project Marker

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Sheesh, I'm a chatty-cathy today =)

I got my first project marker today for the PDF project! =) Weee! =)

Our company gives everyone a wooden block with slats cut in it and your name engraved on it. Every time you finish a project, you get a project marker - it's an engraved CD that has our company logo, the project code name, real name, client's name, date of release, and your name on it. The project marker CD goes in the slats of the wooden block.

I was joking that I better get my 100 markers. =) Heh, I should have 4 or 5 more by the end of this summer =D

When Husband Guy was working for this company in their last incarnation, project markers were an acrylic block with the company logo embedded in the middle of it. The company logo was done in 3-D with a copper plated chunk and it looked so cool just floating in the middle of nothing like that. The thing served as a really good paper weight, it was pretty heavy. His name was engraved onto a piece of copper and glued onto the front of the block. Every time he finished a project, the project info was engraved onto a piece of copper the same size and glued onto the block one after another.


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