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Other Stuff To Do

This weekend, we'll have to go see Uncle Jimmy to talk about framing that big picture of ours for the Banquet. Gawd, I don't remember where I/we put it... it's been so long. =P

I have to find the name of that Linda Wong duet with MingJun Kao to put on the song list for Bailey. We need to get our photos together for the montage... which shouldn't be difficult. Then we can call Bailey and get the rest of that stuff underway.

I still haven't had time to call the hair/makeup places. Grandma wants me to go with HongNiang because Elaine went with them. They're in Richmond, they're too far.

I still haven't had time to call Uncle Frank about going to see the limos. *sigh*

I should go back to Chinatown and try to find another guest cloth. I want pink because the black ink doesn't show up well on red.


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