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Jägerhof Restaurant

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We took my Father Man (my favorite superhero =) to the Jägerhof Restaurant in North Vancouver, on Saturday evening for Father's Day. That table on the right of the picture, just under the stag head is where we sat. =)

It's a small restaurant 2 blocks up from the Lonsdale Quay Market. The food took a gawd-awful long time to come. Dinner took just under 2 hours from the time we sat down at 1838h to the time we walked out the door at 2015h. But that's because they had a party of 25-30 for a birthday, a party of 15 and a full house. They only had 2 waiting staff and at most 2 kitchen staff, so they were really swamped.

The food wasn't too bad. They serve different kinds of Schnitzel, which is pork tenderloin with different stuffing (cheese, ham & sausage, etc.) like Chicken Cordon Bleu but with pork. They had fish and chicken Schnitzel too.

The place is cool. It's decorated very nostalgically European with old sepia photographs of the Bavarian Royal Family from two centuries ago and it's very nice. But jeez-louise they desparately need a younger crowd in there.

I would encourage a large, mostly Asian group to go there for dinner just for the sheer amusement value of watching the hoochies* and rice boys* cause loss of bladder control in the regular clientelle with their behaviour. =D =D =)

* For those of you who have a memory like a sieve... =) =)

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