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Griffins Restaurant

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I took my Buddy Girl, K, to lunch for her birthday today. We went to the Hotel Vancouver.

The food was very good. K had a Chicken Pot Pie and she says it was a good Chicken Pot Pie. And looking at it, I could see a small buttload of chicken in it. We were saying how the "Chicken Pot Pie" at some places was just thickened vegetable soup in a chicken broth and pie crust on top. I had their Pasta of the Day - Beef Ravioli with a cheese and mushroom sauce.

And it wasn't too expensive either. Their weekend brunch prices are insane (CDN$31.00/person), but the regular weekday lunch menu itself isn't too bad. I was expecting to pay quite a bit more for a 5-star hotel restaurant. The atmosphere was slightly caffeteria-ish, but that's okay.

Apparently, there are two restaurants at the Hotel Vancouver, Griffins (on the east wing) and 900 West (probably on the west wing). I didn't know that... when I called, the main switchboard answered and asked me who I wanted to be transferred to. I replied that I wanted "the restaurant" and I was forwarded to Griffins. Oh well, we'll do 900 West another time.

While I was there, I totally fell in love with my 3-cup individual serving teapot. It's an Albalite® line, Bianco design, made by Steelite International in the UK, who do tableware for restaurants all over the world.

Although, looking that the rest of the Bianco set, I don't like the taller skinnier design for the larger 6-cup teapot as much. I want a 6-cupper in the same almost cube proportions as the 3-cupper. The other flatware, teacups and saucers are not as interesting, but they look good too.

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